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How Mindful Team Helps You Deliver Better Retrospectives

Mindful Team will help you make continuous improvement a reality by giving you and your team the insights to make a difference. 

"Mindful Team let us free ourselves from the tyranny of the post-it! - collecting the teams thoughts early lead us to shorter, more focused retros"


Paul Stringer

Head Of Mobile - Equal Experts

The best part is that the Mindful Team Platform is completely

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Over 10 retrospective techniques

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Over 10 retrospective techniques

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Collect feedback from your team in advance, go to your retrospective meetings with a clear focused agenda and track your team actions. 

Collect feedback throughout the sprint in realtime.
Mindful Team automatically generates an agenda with the main topics for you to discuss at your retrospective meeting.

Automatically track whether team actions are being completed.
Build your team culture from the outcome of your retrospectives.


Run the perfect retrospective for your team. Do team health checks and use theindicators to decide on the focus of your retrospective meeting.

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50 + team members

Over 10 retrospective techniques

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Make continuous improvement a reality. Arm yourself with the insights and data totake the right course of action with your team.



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