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Are Your Retrospectives

Intelligent Yet?

Mindful Team provides you with intelligent insights to take your team to another level. Make your Retrospectives work for you. Start delivering more, doing less.

“Mindful Team gave me a plan of action when I needed it the most”

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Save Time

Collect insights from your team before the Retrospective meeting takes place through an automated process.

Track Progress

View data from past retrospectives, track team happiness and progress. Access multiple techniques.

Take Action

Assign actions directly from the dashboard. Track their progress and receive reports.

It's Free!

Mindful Team is professional, easy-to-use and affordable. Try it free today!

"Mindful Team let us free ourselves from the tyranny of the post-it! - collecting the teams thoughts early lead us to shorter, more focused retros"

Paul Stringer
Head Of Mobile

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